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Monday, October 15, 2012

Let me introduce myself!

Hello! First and foremost, I'm a twenty year old chick who lives in the middle of the United States. I am 100% complete new to this whole blogging thing, so bare with me as I see my way around here. I'll introduce myself as MzGreen. To tell you the truth, I am not the most interesting person, but I am human, and I'm sure somebody out there will find some sort of interest in me, so, this is to whomever is willing to read this. As most twenty year old, we have all came across a point in our lives where we have do some things that we regret. Sadly, I am just now learning my lesson from failed attempt, after failed attempt. I do currently call my parents house my home. What can I say, I dropped out of high school my Senior year, and took nearly a year and a half to get my ass motivated to get out and get a GED certificate. I'll save that story for another time.

I'll go ahead and say this now, some of the posts on here will not be PG-13, and probably not even R rated. I'm a rather sexual human being, and I don't get to express that very well. I almost live a second life. There is the quite and reserved me, around my family and what friends that I do have. And then, it seems like there is this wild me, that only comes out on the internet. Or when I am in my room, with the doors LOCKED! I hope to find some people out there who share common interests with me. It would be nice to have a friend I can interact with on both sides of my life. 

Move forward. It isn't an introduction if I don't give you a little physical details about myself. Sadly, I am a little bit on the chunky side. Chubby, fat, BBW, whatever you what, but it would be nice to meet the people in this world who can see past the physical looks and see me for the real person I am. Anyways, I am about five foot, three inches tall. I have brunette hair, with blonde high lights. (Which was actually a project of my sisters, and was probably the best idea I ever had. Won't ever go to a salon to get foil highlights!) I have green eyes, which if you haven't realized yet, that is where I get my name. :) For a woman, I have big feet. Not sure that is something I am supposed to admit over the internet, but hey, if I'm getting the truth out, might as well get it all out there.

I work in a call center, customer service crap. I get paid nearly minimum wage, and I pretty much hate waking up in the morning having to go to that place. Yes, I am actively looking for another job, and I cannot wait until I can kiss this place goodbye. I bought my first car in 2009. It was a 1998, and recently, after driving about 25 miles to work, one way, I decided that the upkeep on that car was costing me too much, and as much money as I was shelling out, I could have a brand new car. Well after talking to my parents, they decided they would cosign for me to get a new car. After about 6 hours at the dealership, I got an awesome deal on a lease car. By the time the lease is up, I'll be able to buy my own car without a co-signer. I'm slowly trying to fix my credit, that my eighteen year old self messed up. It isn't that bad, my credit is better than twenty-five percent of the people in the United States. 

All in all, I'm pretty much an average person, doing normal day things, just looking to fill the void that I have choose to keep bottled up inside of me. Don't be shy, I don't bite...hard. 

Until next time, 


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